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Tweetly helps you to create astonishing Tweets that you can share on all of your social media in seconds, unlock your creativity with vast customizable options, go above and beyond in your creative ways!

Tweetly is opening new doors to your social marketing strategies. With Tweetly you can drastically improve your social media reach. Spend time on writing your content and use Tweetly to share its value across all of your brand platforms.



Background & Tweet Color

Adjust background and tweet color to your own liking.

Magic Layer

Long time ago in far away kingdom, this layer appeared and changed everything.


Add blur effect to your background to make your Tweets stand out.

Border Size & Color

Adjust border size and border colors of your backgrounds and Tweet to fit your own creation.

Tweet Transparency

Adjust transparency of your Tweet to fit your own design

Font & Text Color

Chose font, adjust it's size and chage text color.


Tweets tend get really lengthy to fit on screen, adjust their scale with a pinch or by using really cool slider.

Dynamic Colors

Too lazy to change your Tweets design based on your background photo? Let Tweetly do that for you.


Variants of Tweets

Simple Tweet

Being true to it's origin, simple Tweet is all you need to share your thoughts, and discoveries.

Tweet with an Image

Sometimes you need a bit more to show of your brand, as saying goes: "picture is worth 1000 words."

Quoted Tweets

You really liked someones Tweet and you quote it, share your opinion on it.

Tweet with Links

Share Tweet that links to your favorite place on the Web.


Share with Tweetly

Instagram Post & Story

Share your creation on Instagram and engage with your audiance on another level.

Twitter Fleet

Twitter has stories now, make breath-taking Fleets from your styled Tweets.Note: This feature will see major upgrade in upcoming release v1.3

Copy as Sticker

Bip Boop Copy, Bip Bap Paste.

Save as Photo

Saving your creation in Camera Roll.

See Tweetly in action

Watch our amazing promotional video.

Now Tweets are not just ugly screenshots.

Engage with your audience on a different level. Tweets aren't meant to stay only on Twitter!

  • No more cropped out Tweets
  • Give your Tweets a fragment of your personality
  • Show off your Twitter brand across all social media
  • Share astonishing Tweets without saving them on the device

Dark Mode

Support out of box.

Built in Share

Tweetly has built in sharing for popular platforms.Incluid Instagram , Twitter and Snapchat (coming in V1.3).


Engage with your audiance in better way. Grow your accounts simultaneously.

Open with Tweetly

Chose Tweet you want to turn into your designs, directly from the Twitter app.


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