Nedim Fakić

Senior Mobile Engineer with focus on iOS development and security based in Europe

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    Nedim Fakić
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About Me

Mobile Engineer

I am a highly motivated problem solver with a strong focus on creating complex products with an emphasis on security. I have a passion for finding solutions and delivering high-quality products.

Hi! My name is Nedim and I am an iOS Engineer at HTEC Group and part-time senior iOS consultant at Proxify. In my free time, I am building a self-hosted mobile analytics platform, which includes developing SDKs and deployment tooling. I have a passion for researching apps and understanding how they work.


Experience & Awards


  • Proxify

    Senior iOS Consultant - part time engagment
    April, 2023 - PRESENT
    • To early to list anything.
  • HTEC Group

    iOS Engineer
    June, 2022 - PRESENT
    • Developed and implemented core features for interpreter language service, including material design UI components and MVI architecture
    • Patched and upgraded numerous legacy features, utilizing safe and secure coding practices such as RxSwift principles
    • Successfully deployed code to solve legacy memory leaks and improve overall performance
    • Experienced in working with core modules and implementing features to enhance user experience
  • Bicom Systems

    Software Engineer at iOS and Networking Team
    2019 - June, 2022
    • Collaborated with team to develop internal network monitoring system, including designing a web dashboard and writing Go microservices which reduced time and increased efficiency in gathering internal data by 95%
    • Acted as product owner for the network monitoring system's native iOS and Android app, designing and implementing all features and implementing cross-platform notification delivery
    • Led the development of an ObjC iOS app utilizing the PJSIP C library to establish calls through PBX servers, integrating with the iOS ecosystem through CallKit
    • Created an internal mock tool from scratch for smart testing of Glocom's messaging platform, able to mock tens of thousands of message requests for stress testing and featuring advanced end-to-end communication through a custom-built TCP socket client
    • Received extensive training in networking, including writing TCP/UDP servers and clients with advanced file sharing capabilities.

Honors & Awards

  • Valedictorian

    School achievement
    May, 2022

    Received highest honors, awarded to only one student in my graduating class, for achieving the highest GPA and the most notable achievements in high school (5.0/5.0).

  • ITReboot

    2nd place on ITReboot
    Oct, 2021

    Awarded second place at ITReboot for an innovative AR app designed to enhance the tourist experience of the city of Travnik. This app can be found in the portfolio section.

  • WhatTheHack

    Best Product
    Jan, 2021

    Awarded first place for the app that uses hand gesture recognition to trigger actions in the streaming program OBS.

  • FIT Challenge

    2nd place on FIT Challenge
    Jun, 2020

    Awarded second place as youngest competitor for most complex category - CTF (Capture the Flag),


My Projects

Tech Stack

Technologies and Languages I've used

  • Swift

  • Frida

  • Go

  • Javascript

  • Bash

  • Kotlin

  • Objective-C

  • Python

  • C++

  • Java

  • Ngnix

  • Linux

  • iOS and MacOS

  • Android

  • MongoDB

  • SQLite


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